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About GatherPointe

GatherPointe is a full service event agency. We provide not only comprehensive anticipation of client needs but also tremendous flexibility in meeting them as they evolve in real time.

We plan everything possible as early as possible with painstaking attention to detail, yet never stop expecting the unexpected.


Our Services

Site Selection

‌Let GatherPointe help you search for the best venue for your next event. We can help layout the venue, negotiate venue contracts and AV costs that fit any need big or small. 

Registration Management

‌GatherPointe can help set up a ticket registration system that will make ticket purchasing easy and efficient for your guests. We can manage and staff on-site registration to make all your attendees feel special. Let GatherPointe track all ticket sales and ticket pricing changes for you. 

Sponsor Management

‌GatherPointe will work with sponsors once secured to execute any and all of their on-site needs. We will make sure that all sponsor benefits are met for each client involved in the conference. 

Budget Management

GatherPointe can do a cost analysis on all the expected costs for the event, create all your profit and loss statements and work within your target budget to execute a cost-efficient program while providing the highest quality to your guests and customers. 

Strategic Conference Management

GatherPointe can help you create the perfect event or conference. Let us take all the worry out of the process both pre-event and onsite. Our team can ‌create the event time line and project manage the process. We will create and execute the run of show for your next conference and handle all your on-site management needs the day of the event.

Speaker Management

‌Let GatherPointe help to manage your speakers once they are secured for your event. We will work with speakers to host prep calls prior to the event, collect all collateral from speakers and work with audio visual to execute speaker tech needs.  

Vendor Negotiations

We are pleased to work with third party vendors as needed.  Let GatherPointe negotiate and work with all vendors for your event or conference. We can negotiate the right price for your budget with vendors like graphic designers, video editors, hybrid event components and more.

Post-Event Management

‌GatherPointe will help with all post event surveys to all attendees. Let us send your speakers thank you notes with their session recordings and we will always do any post vendor relations follow up that is needed. 

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